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Meta Gems Unlike DPS classes, grey eagle resort and casino jobs there is no great meta gem for healers.
Ou c'est moi qui déraille?Balbouz2.Before Patch.4, your best option was Luminous Noble Topaz or Luminous Pyrestone.Most shaman cast Earth Shield every 30 seconds to 2 minutes.Grosse latence sur la Fracture Salut les chamélios, je me faisais la reflexion hier, la fracture est un sort tout sauf instantané.Therefore, it is no longer advantageous to use Tier 2 for healing.If there are no targets in range below 100 it will not jump.They often take damage while you were casting so a chain heal or prayer of mending is the first thing to land resulting in less overhealing on jumps #2 and #3.In addition, all paladins have a passive ability called Spiritual Attunement that restores mana equal to 10 of the healing they receive.Vraiment je suis très, très emballé.L'idée c'est de pouvoir me débarrasser rapidement d'un mob (ou d'un tas de mobs) random sur les expe sans claquer.Switching the relic will activate the global cooldown.Give tanks Grace of Air and Fire Resistance.There is a 45 second cooldown since Patch.3.
Patch.4.3 eliminated relic swapping via macros due to the following change: Equipping an item will now cancel any spell cast currently in progress.