Dom repeat slot

When lazyRegister is max, defer all behavior work until first element creation.
A few cases where the dir attribute is set inside of a shadowroot.
With this change, properties that start with an uppercase letter do not reflect.UpdateStyles to re-evaluate the media queries upon window resize.This release includes a number of small optimizations affecting startup time.This release fixes the following issue: #4550.( commit ) Fixes #2311, #2323 : When elements are removed from their previous position when they are added elsewhere, make sure to remove them from composed, not logical parent.ScopeSubtree doesn't work on SVG elements.Insertion points that selected content using content select"selector" must be changed to named slots: slot name"slot_name".Extending an element, docs: extending elements, inherited templates.( commit ) Fixes #2078 : When computing custom style properties, make sure the styling scope is valid when the element is attached to a shadowRoot whose host is not a Polymer element.Using a custom-style element for document-level styling corrects this issue: style is"custom-style" my-element color: red; /style If this solution isn't possible, you can also use a more specific selector in your document styles (for example, a class selector).You're viewing an older version of Polymer.Fix dom-bind from improperly scoping element classes.(In.8, applying a property to all custom elements required a more expensive * selector.) comment avoir beaucoup de credit fifa 17 Data binding changes breaking change: Template helper elements no longer experimental The template helper elements are no longer experimental, and have location de jeux de casino been renamed: x-repeat is now dom-repeat.Defining a class expression mixin to share implementation between different elements: script MyMixin function(superClass) return class extends superClass / Code that you want common to elements.A number of APIs changed between.8-rc.2 and.9.