Fnv blackjack

fnv blackjack

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Posted January 9, 2011.Incidentally this is also the trophy/achievement known as, the Courier who broke the bank.Erikfishy3000 - for the rusted texture used in Papa Khan armor and in Diving Suit.He may only be showing a but staying with 15 is not a good idea imo.Dicgas - for the kickass golden jeux machines a sous casino gratuites strips in the Pirate Suit.Alright now that thats dealt with time to hit jeux casino gratuit machine up the strip casinos.Play 10 hands of Blackjack.Looks awesome, russian Version (that's right :D ) with the translation of MrLordNeptune.Selecting stand means that you are confident with your number.Check his awesome galery m/ SGTbayk47 - for the fix in the Ranger Outfit, used in Vault 11 Sherrifs Outfit.THE OLD ONE causes CTD AND ierrible work FOR MY part.Robert adaptation here speaking of efficiency at work, huh?Each card with a number is worth it's said number.Please log in to vote.Add roulette betting 2 dozens to your game a bunch of armors and almost equal number of headgear for your vanilla char.Fallout: New Vegas Forum, related Achievements and Trophies.4) Doing this for 10 Hands/Rounds/Games etc.