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Mead International July "Iris Visits, 1930 - In Nashville and Cincinnati" Grace Sturtevant Garden Reports Varietal Comments July Adventures of le point loto du patrimoine an Iris Hunter.
Randolph Photograph January B Hubert Fischer and Robert Carney Photograph January Reminiscences 1960-68 Hubert.Hoage Photograph prominent irisarian with his prize-winning stalk Carol Harker October B "President and Mrs.Medbery Commentary May The Iris Season 1936 Carl.Gable Obituary January In memoriam: Mrs.Dienstbach Photograph July The Morris Garden Claire Barr garden report July B Jim and Jean Morris Photograph July The Hahn Garden garden report July B Clyde and Anna Hahn Photograph July B Pacific Shores Babson Photograph July B "Glenn Corlew, Elvan "Al" Roderick and Pauline".Lloyd (Ont Hybridizing Seedling Report July "How the Performed in Region 5, in 1954" Milton Blanton Garden Reports Varietal Comments July Varietal Comments 1954 Blooming Season Region 14 Frank Crouch Garden Reports Varietal Comments July "Region 15, Varietal Comments" Garden Reports Varietal Comments July.Castetter, Eugene Sundt, Mrs.Alice Atchison Plicatas January Inheritance of the Plicata Pattern Frederic and Mary Megson Plicatas January Combining the Progenitor Factor with the Plicata Pattern and the Tangerine Beard "D.Trantham History Commentary April B Thelma Carrington Photograph April San Diego-Imperial Fall Show Shows April Pilgrimage to Aril Land Violet Lorenz Aril Iris April Walker Ferguson's Garden.McKee President's Letter January Report of Treasurer Junius.AIS Business Shows July The Iris in Japan George.Awards to American Irises 1987 International January Median Season in Massachusetts Lucy Burton Median Iris January Irises Winning High Commendation 1987 Awards January Japanese Iris Awards Awards "Payne Award, Japanese Iris" January In memoriam: Ila Crawford Genevieve.Hopson Convention AIS Convention - Los Angeles April Oklahoma Iris Festival Mrs.Peterson July Trial of Iris Spuria and its Hybrids.Valmar Slamova Affiliates January Massachusetts Horticultural Society Awards Gold Medal.Hall International British Editor's sympathy of Art Nelson April Greetings from New Zealand International April In memoriam Wallace Stevens Obituary New Zeland member April AIS Australia-New Zealand Tour International April B Faye Edelman Photograph April "Robins Welcome, New Top Robin" Robins April B Harriet Seggessemann.Updated-12/5/2012 Month Year Issue# Page# Photo Color Title Author-Credits-Hybridizer Topic Subtopic June Introduction Robert Swan Sturtevant Commentary "Culture of Irises in USA -First Bulletin of AIS - Reprinted November 7, 1963" June Iris Culture for the Mountains and Plains Region.Hugo Wall Hybridizing looking for the Red Iris October On the Way to Red "Muhlestein, Tell" Hybridizing Red Iris October Let's Frill and Fancy the Reds "Peterson, Les" Hybridizing Red Iris October Hybridizing for Red Irises "Saddoris,.Edward Varnum, Ed Varnum, Jay Ackerman, Mrs.By The Editor Commentary Gibberellic acid by Merck and.Ruthenica Species Iris October The Family Tree.
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Raymond C Allen Obituary October In Memoriam: James Geddes Douglas "Edinger, Philip" Obituary October opical Collection of Iris Stamps-Part VI "Harry.

Michael Heger Garden Review Iris Society of Minisota and the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum July B Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Plantings Photograph July B "Clara Goula, Darryle Troutt and the Iris Clara Goula" Photograph July Observations on Irises in North Central Florida Hervey Caton Varietal.
Frederick Shows Posters January The Plainfield Plan Harriette.
Dubes January The Iris Clinic Commentary January From the Editor's Desk Editor's Letter April Fibbon Round Chet Tompkins Photograph April From the President's Desk Hurbert.