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English gap, gappe, a borrowing from, old Norse gap (an empty space, gap, chasm related.
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Declension edit Further reading edit gap in Polish dictionaries at PWN.Iwatsuki Domain and Oshi Domain founded in Musashi Province.For other uses, see, musashi (disambiguation).( figuratively ) shouting, crying, gab Haralds saga herdráa 64, in 1868,.Musashi bordered on, kai, Kzuke, Sagami, Shimsa, and, shimotsuke Provinces.Clearing them fixes certain problems, like loading or formatting issues on sites.( poker business plan template genetics ) An unsequenced region in a sequence alignment.Map of Japanese provinces with province highlighted.The Cambridge History of Japan.Leipzig, page 1 : gap var ginnunga, / en gras hvergi.Contents, the name, musashi, recorded in early records as muzasi, has been conjectured to.Verb edit vacuum pokemon intro template ( third-person singular simple present vacuums, present participle vacuuming, simple past and past participle vacuumed ) ( transitive ) To clean (something) with a vacuum cleaner.2, it has no apparent meaning in Japanese, but mun-sar-i or mun-sar-ihi (weed-marsh- poss ) 3 is a hypothetical Ainu form that would mean "marsh/wetland of (.e.
Musashi Province Musashi no kuni ) was a province of, japan, which today comprises, tokyo Metropolis, most of, saitama Prefecture and part.
( baseball ) The regions between the outfielders.

A vacant space or time.
WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary 2018: Compound Forms: cat kennel.
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