Poker expression meaning

The man was dealt a very bad hand in the card game.
A fold can happen at any point in the play when it is your turn to act.
Joker in the pack - someone or something that is likely to change a situation in an unexpected way (the joker is one of the cards in a deck of cards that can be used as any card that you want in some games) The.
Have the cards stacked against you - to have things arranged unfairly against you so that you have an unfair disadvantage I had the cards stacked against me when I went to the job interview.Up the ante - to increase what is at stake or under discussion in a dispute or conflict (an ante is the amount of money that you put on the table before beginning a card game) The actor upped the ante in his dispute with.Glimmer Money Going South Taking money of the table, against the rules, in a cash game.THE idiom connection, card Playing Idioms, idiom Of The Day above board - honest, not secret (originally players showed their honesty by keeping their hands above the board/table when playing a game of cards).Royal Straight flush An ace high straight flush.One to the left of the Big Blind at a poker table.Boat, nickname for a full house.Fourth Street The fourth card dealt in a hand of poker.After an honorable and fruitful career the judge cashed in his chips at the age of ninety years old.Understanding How and When to Fold in Poker.Cut Off In a flop game poker table the person to the right of the Button (Dealer a position often used to raise before the Button gets a chance to try and steal the blinds.Hold all the trumps - to have the best chance of winning, to have all the advantages The coach holds all the trumps and should be able to continue to coach the team.The opposite of a ceedy joint.No re-entry once all your chips are lost Full House A five card hand consisting of 'trips' and a 'pair'.Eight ball 800.00 Fast Aggressive.The man often does very strange things.Copyright 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.Four Flush A hand with four cards of the same suit.Place the cards face down and, out of courtesy to the dealer, slide them forward enough so the dealer can easily rake them into the muck pile.Wild card - a person or thing whose influence is unpredictable or whose qualities are uncertain chaise ikea roulette (a playing card that can have any value/suit/color in a card game) The financial problems of the company are a wild card in their effort to get the new.
Hold 'Em Poker where the players have only two cards, both face down.