Poker sit & go

poker sit & go

See also: downswing up the ante Increase the stakes upstairs See raise value bet A bet made by a player who wants it to be called (as opposed to a bluff or protection bet).
Nit A player who is unwilling to take risks and plays only premium hands in the top range.
2 blind steal A raise from a late position with a weak hand when all other players have folded, with the intention of winning loto 14 novembre resultat the blinds and antes.Full ring A full ring game is a cash game with more than six players involved, typically nine to eleven.Hole cam A camera that displays a player's face-down cards (hole cards) to television viewers.It supplements the glossary of card game terms.High-low split games often require a minimum hand value, such as eight-high, in order to award the low half of the pot.Blocking bet An abnormally small bet made by a player out of position intended to discourage a larger bet by an opponent bluff A bet made with a hand that is mathematically unlikely to be the best hand, either to make money or to disguise.See Betting in poker sit and go A poker tournament with no scheduled starting time that starts whenever the necessary players have put up their money.Buy-in The minimum required amount of chips that must be bought to become involved in a game or tournament buy short To buy into a game for an amount smaller than the normal buy-in buy the button A rule originating in northern California casinos.String bets are prohibited in public cardroom rules.Forced-move resultat casino guichard In a casino where more than one table is playing the same game with the same betting structure, one of the tables may be designated the main table, and will be kept full by requiring a player to move from one of the feeder.A dead hand all in When a player bets all of their chips in the current hand.Compare with tight, aggressive, passive.Chop To split a pot because of a tie, split-pot game, or player agreement To play a game for a short time and cash out.Duplicate To counterfeit, especially when the counterfeiting card matches one already present in one's hand early position See position.The set of all discards for a deal is called the muck or the deadwood.This is what the players will play for if all 9 green cards are revealed before a red card.The final table is set when a sufficient number of people have been eliminated from the tournament leaving an exact number of players to occupy one table (typically no more than ten players).Stub The remainder of cards that have not been used during the active play of a particular game.The winning hand is said to have sucked out.Also wired pair poker face A blank expression that does not reveal anything about the cards being held.Full house, full boat, full hand, full A hand with three cards of one rank and two of a second rank.
Action only In many cardrooms, with respect to an all-in bet, only a full (or half) bet can be reraised.
In Texas hold'em and Omaha, the window card is the first card shown when the dealer puts out the three cards for the flop.