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After the second Detour, teams would be asked a series of three questions about the other competitors.In Leg 4 and 11 which contain Double U-Turn, all teams voted on the first U-Turn, but the team who was U-Turned was given the opportunity to grille loto fdj use the second U-Turn for their own.Teams would dress as a matador and would have to let the bull pass through the cape, and then plant a ribbon on him.Upmann Cigar Factory, one team member had to make three Cuban cigars while wearing a blindfold, while the other team member gave them directions.La bonne nouvelle, cest que le lac finit tôt ou tard par absorber les vagues, et quaprès quelques jours dadaptation, jai enfin commencé à apprivoiser ces nouveaux éléments de mon jeu.For the second Roadblock, the other team member had to perform a 261 m (840 ft) Skyjump off the Stratosphere Tower.Acquérir une nouvelle connaissance, cest un peu comme lancer une pierre dans un lac.At the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, teams had to endure a Brazilian body waxing session.Sans vouloir casino brides les bains poker me vanter (bon, daccord un peu quand même je nai pas eu une table où je nai pas senti que jétais parmi les deux meilleurs joueurs.They had to work together to figure out which mix went with which kind of coffee.In Cuban Party, teams had to hand out bandanas to at least 40 locals and lead them dancing down the streets.Upon arrival at the Fernán Núñez Palace, teams had to solve a puzzle.Il me reste 6 mois.After the soccer challenge, teams had to search among the stadium's 60 000 seats to find their next clue.They had to charge 3 per car wash, but were allowed to ask for tips.