What is the probability of a flush in poker

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Obviously you need at least five cards of casino en ligne barriere qui paie les gains the online casino with no bonus same suit, so lets do the probability of that for starters.
Computer Technical Help ProgrammingInternational Forums Deutsch BBV German Français Two Plus Two en Español All times are GMT -4.Whosnext, 04:56 AM # 6 md46135 journeyman Join Date: Mar 2015 Location: where they don't respect my raises Posts: 380 Re: What is a the probability of getting a straight flush with 54s?What is the probability of drawing a flush?You need 5 of the same suit out of 18 cards?So there are only 4 * 7C2 84 of all the other kinds of straight flush.By the river, you have to exclude J of the suit so both hole cards are used.Than 5 card stud, for instance.64s, QTs) is 3*C(46,2 C(50,5) c) hands with 2 number of successfful combos (f.e.Given 45s to TJs, the probability of flopping a straight flush is 4 Combin(50,3).02.Join Date: Jun 2018, posts: 2, what is a the probability of getting a straight flush with 54s?But again, you cant have a king-high straight flush plus the ace and and any other card, or else youd have a royal, etc.IF YOU have five cards OF THE same suit: You can have one of the 40 straight flushes in one suit, plus two cards from the other three suits.
So there are 40 * 39C2 29,640 straight flushes of this type.
BUT for king high straight flush, you cant also have the ace of the same suit (or else youd have a royal flush) and if you have a queen high straight flush, you cant also have the king of the same suit, etc.

It had something to do with using factorials, but I was not able to follow that.
So for all the other ranks of straight flush besides the royal, there are only ways.
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