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Mayor Dyster receives large campaign contributions and endorsements regularly from the city firemen through their union and PAC.
Right across the entire 36 holes This will be millions of dollars This is a gold mine for a lot of people friendly to Dyster and his crew as well as some of the council members.
Which was the announcement of Seth Boy Wonder Picirillos announcement for Mayor.Its now on the table and I dont feel it will go away.And now the mayor wants to repeat the ice pavilion scam with the golf course that suddenly can't be run properly by the city and must be jobbed out to city hall friends.How did the real Kenny Wells and Michael Acosta meet?Something about the 2020 census?How can Reclaim Niagara be taken seriously in its challenge gagner de l'argent facilement sur steam to Albany when it can't even get the mayor and council on board?What will Andy do after all he has been Dysters puppet for 6 years now, but Restaino has donated a few thousand dollars to Andys campaigns.As for candidate Piccirillo, how does he run for mayor of a financially ruined city when he's been one of the biggest supporters of the mayor who ruined the city?And they wrote exactly what we wrote to you yesterday: "fees" are disguised taxes and they "are never removed" once they're passed.Nothing about how Piccirillo is a rat for the authorities.So, Reclaim Niagara I challenge you to refute any of this I will give you space here I and my readers are waiting Anyways thats it for this week as always keep the information flowing, The Pipeline November 2, 2018 Finally Friday my favorite day.Asking a million and one questions Chris did public uproar scare you into doing your job?The city is supposed to be searching high and low for a new bid and provider.So, lets start with Andy Touma as he insults almost 69 of the fireman in the country by saying we have professional and not volunteer fireman, Andy are you aware both paid and non-paid fireman go through the same training?We noticed that his analysis of the trash fee versus existing assessments was posted on Facebook days ago by former convicted felon Mayor Vincent Anello.All still operating, keeping the ghost town "safe." And then Dyster says 1 million cut from police budget.Anello wants to blame the council more than Dyster and mentions how the city ignored the spending directive of the state comptroller in 2013.